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The cloud based solution to power your pool league.
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Both Simple and Powerful

Save time creating players, teams, schedules, and even scores, it's all made easy. Developed by players, for players.

Let your players enter match scores, letting the system update stats automatically! Players will be emailed when all the scores are entered.

All of this hosted on Microsoft Azure, the same platform as over 66% of fortune 500 companies!

Personalized Mobile Dashboard

Manage your league through a user friendly administrative portal on any device.

  • Manage the schedule and scores.
  • Send messages to everyone in the league.
  • Calculate payouts based on points.

Electronic Score Sheets

Players can be given access to enter their own match scores. Once a captain puts in the scores, the other team's captain(s) will get an email with a link to verify them.

Once all of the pool league scores are entered for a week, the stats update automatically and the league is notified.

You can also snap a photo of score-sheets to upload them in our cloud so there is pysical copy backed up and always available.


Create a round-robin schedule for your league in minutes. Modify it at any time as needed. If you already have a schedule, it is quick and easy to input your existing schedule.

Statistics and Rankings

Let our tested algorithm calculate stats for you and allow your players to access them instantly and easily.


You will have many options to custimize as needed for your league. For example, if one of our default score sheets doesn't fit your needs, you can easily set up your own.

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$5 / year per player

  • Unlimited Matches
  • Scheduling
  • Stats and Scoring
  • Handicap System
  • ...and more awesomeness
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