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Existing Players

If your league is already set up, download the mobile app from the Google Play Store or from Apple App Store. You can view the schedule, stats, and scores on the app.

You can also use the mobile web site by clicking here.

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  • Create an optimized schedule
  • Automated stats
  • Tool to calculate skill levels
  • Automated handicaps by average
  • Custom printable scoresheets available
  • Calculate payouts based on points
  • Personal support at no charge
  • Simple
  • Hosted on Azure for ultimate reliability!

How It Works

Watch this to see an example of how easy scores can be entered each week, in a few minutes.


Create a round-robin schedule for your league in seconds, ensuring there are enough tables for each match and that each team plays a fair number of matches at home and away. Unable to play this week? Simply push the week back and play next week.

Statistics and Rankings

All stats are updated in real-time. Include them on your custom printable scoresheet. Reach out for details.


Support for most types of leagues such as VNEA, BCA, APA, FargoRate, and about anything in-between.

The Story

Back in 2015 our pool league needed a better solution to track our scores. With there not being any great options out there for a small league like ours, I felt as a software developer and having passion for the game, it was time to fix that.

Since then, we have a community of over 1,000 active players playing in all types of leagues by word of mouth. Each year we have continued to add new features and support for different types of leagues. If you run a league and are interested in learning more, reach out today!

I enjoy working personally with each league getting to know them and how they run there leagues. It has been exciting watching many of them grow and thrive over the years.

Contact Us

To get started, questions, or comments email us via the form below. I'll usually back to you within 24 hours.



$5 / year per player

  • Scheduling
  • Handicaps/Skill Levels
  • Team and Player Stats
  • Personal Support
  • Try for free
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